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Our Mission

Guruji’s grace blessed us with the opening of Guruji Mandir Sydney in November 2018.

Guruji Mandir Sydney is a religious temple where devotees can congregate on regular basis and directly connect with “Guruji” through Spiritual services,Prayers and Meditation  (“Satsangs”) to receive Guruji’s blessings enlightenment. The Mandir is open to all and is a place where Devotees may herald the Divine Blessings of Guruji by Serving Langar Prasad (“Blessed Food”);  Chai Prasad (“Blessed Tea”) and Jal Prasad (“Blessed Water”); and to support and strengthen the spiritual growth and transformation of “Guruji’s” devotees through energizing and elevating them though sharing the teachings of Guruji and each one’s experiences.

Guruji Mandir Sydney Management Committee is actively organising Mahasatsangs as well as welcoming guests from overseas for enhancing Sangat connection with :”Guruji”. We encourage and assist Sangat to organise Weekly Satsangs at the mandir or their place. Guruji Mandir Sydney has formed a strong online presence in form of Website, Facebook Group and Page, Youtube Channel, Instagram Page as well we Whatsapp and Meetup groups. Please contact us to be added to the groups.


  1. Weekly Satsangs held at Mandir and Sangats residence.

  2. Mahashivratri and Mahasamadhi Mahasatsangs held at Gurujis Mandir Sydney

  3. Guruji’s Birthday Mahasatsang will be held on 7th of July at Gurujis Mandir Sydney. Puneet Khuranna will be present and sangat will have the devine experience to hear the shabads live


  1. Jai Guruji Sydney founded and Satsangs being organised Weekly
  2. Welcomed “Guruji’s” childhood friend Shiv Uncle on 9th of September and hosted a special satsang for the sangat with Shiv Uncle sharing Satsangs
  3. Organised Special Satsang with Puneet Khuranna for the first time in Sydney on 13th of September.
  4. Organising Special Satsang with Sonia Arora for the first time in Sydney on 2nd of November
  5. Australia’s first Guruji’s Mandir opened in Sydney on 23rd November. The darbar is located at Regents park.
“Jadon rab rooth jaanda hai ta guru sambhaal lenda hai par jadon guru hi rooth jaaye ta fir kite jaan di thaa nai.”

If god is unhappy with you, you still have a guru who will help and guide you, but if your guru is displeased with you then you have no place of refuge left in the entire universe. Such is the importance of a guru.

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