In an effort to ensure that our satsangs are running smoothly, we request your cooperation and assistance in the following. We appreciate your support in creating a Guruji’s Darbaar of Devotional Excellence for the sangat.

• Switch off your mobile phone or keep it in silent mode when entering the Satsang. It disturbs the sangat in meditation.

• Maintain silence and do not socialize in the Satsang. The ‘direct connection’ with Guruji is what mailers and it is developed individually through silent meditation.

• We request, parents to make sure that the children are always by their side and not playing about/roaming in the Satsang and that they sit silently and do not disturb other sangat.

• Follow the instructions of the sewadars whether it is for parking the vehicles, for seating arrangement in the Satsang hall or during langar.

• Be patient and wait for your turn for langar or darshan; do not break/jump lines.

• Do not touch Guruji’s photographs or ‘Akhand Jyot’ in the Mandir.

• Finish langar/chai prasad/ jal prasad entirely and do not leave anything in the plate/glass. Prasad has lots of blessings of Guruji and should not be wasted.

• Do not step on the mats laid out for langar plates.

• Try to reach the Satsang on time and avoid reaching late.

• Remember: They also serve who stand and wait.

“Jis tarhan tusi koi cheez nu khreedan to pehla test karde ho, main bhi chela banan to pehla test karda haan. Ahankaar rab di raah te chalan nai denda. Kade bhi apne guru nu discuss na kareya karo te hamesha us di gal maneya karo.” – Guruji

Just as you test something before buying it, I too test people before I make them my disciples.” He then said “Ego is the biggest deterrent on the path of spirituality. Never question the guru’s orders and never try to probe about your guru.

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